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Our Mission

K9 handlers are relied upon by their fellow officers, and when a K9 Unit is called, excellence is expected. K9 Units frequently encounter more use-of-force situations than any other specialized unit, requiring the necessary training to succeed in these deployments. Canine Deployed is committed to ensuring that handlers and their K9’s have the knowledge, training and confidence to succeed in any deployment. 
While some companies may discuss deployment theory, our team walks the talk,  showing experience that goes beyond just words. We've confronted high-risk situations, climbed into attics, chased armed fugitives, held the leash during apprehensions, seized narcotics, and testified in court. This firsthand experience isn't a supplement—it's the foundation of our commitment. 
Canine Deployed is a company founded by law enforcement officers, for law enforcement officers. We don't just hand out K9s; we train handlers with a level of confidence obtained from real-life experience. When you choose us, you're getting knowledge from those who've been in the very situations they’re training you for. Most importantly, we won't give you a K9 that we wouldn't trust ourselves—keeping the same high standards of those who wear the uniform.

About Us

Canine Deployed was founded by Josh Brainard. As a police officer, Josh is a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Use of Force Instructor, Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Instructor, K-9 trainer/K-9 handler, American Working Dog Association (AWDA) Evaluator and is currently teamed with a dual-purpose K-9. Josh has been assigned to a Criminal Interdiction Unit and Street Crimes Unit as a K-9 Handler, as well as a High-Risk Tracking Team. Josh and his partner have tracked and apprehended several dangerous individuals and are responsible for many significant seizures of drugs, firearms, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. Further, Josh is recognized as an expert in Use of Force and in the K-9 field.


Canine Deployed LLC is responsible for providing K9 training to thousands of law enforcement officers every year. Canine Deployed is an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) accredited training provider, giving our attendees ILEA credit hours. Further, Canine Deployed uses Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) certified "Use of Force" instructors, to teach use of force as it applies to K9. Canine Deployed is currently contracted by one of the largest and fastest growing law enforcement training companies in the world and our courses are approved for Law Enforcement Credits in several states. 

K9 Certifications available through:

American Working Dog Association (AWDA) - Law Enforcement Evaluator

Law Enforcement Certifications:

Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) - Training Provider (All courses receive ILEA credit hours)

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) - Use of Force Instructor

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